For connoisseurs on the streets, surely it can’t stand seeing a row of red dates at the end of the week. Vacation seems to be a saturated drug for people who are accustomed to living with high mobility in urban areas.

Some of them usually make a playlist to fill the vacation schedule in the next year. But, for those of you who don’t have a friend yet, there’s no need to worry. Now vacationing can still be fun even though it’s done alone.

This journey, commonly known as ‘solo traveling’, turned out to have many advantages. As Hugo Amsellem said, a travel blogger quoted from HuffingtonPost, four months ago he decided to leave work.

The journey began to tour Latin America. Many amazing experiences he got by traveling alone.

In addition to the benefits described by Hugo, there are still many other benefits that you can get by traveling solo. Here’s the review:


  1. Self Management

When doing solo traveling, you must also be prepared to do all your own preparations. Starting from getting up in the morning to preparing breakfast, don’t expect you can depend on others. In addition, prepare carefully the needs while on the trip to be free from feelings of worry while traveling alone.

We recommend that you prepare the clothes the night before and place it next to the bed. This will be the first thing you see in the morning and inspire to move immediately.

  1. Many Experiences

Adding experience is one of the main reasons to immediately do solo traveling. These experiences will change your view of the outside world and new people around you.

  1. Expand the Comfort Zone

Taking a vacation trip alone is one way to expand your comfort zone. Develop your comfort zone with new things, like eating alone in a restaurant, or talking with new people, follow the topic of their conversation. And most of us all will be happy with new things that were not known beforehand.

When traveling alone, do not be surprised by situations that occur outside the plan. Because there will always be new opportunities that you will find, such as additional tickets for buses, extra beds in hostels, or even the opportunity to sit in cool cars owned by people you just met.

One thing to note when going to solo traveling, choose a country that is close and comfortable. If we live in Indonesia for example, try going to Asian countries, such as Thailand, Myanmar or Japan. Do not forget to also find information about important matters relating to the destination country. For example, food, safety, available facilities, time differences to the culture of the community.

The Benefits Of Traveling Alone